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things a like in art
as it says just wait and see ^,..,^

a lot to think about and that's on the way <3
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The one by KurosPassions
The one
my story my heart my wishes my life all given to you the one i feel il share the rest of my days with the one i love and respect my Wiffy you are amazing <3 and i love you soo
MEH GOD My girl is so sexy i picked a hottie
can you see how happy she is in her eyes and that's all thanks too me ^,..,^
as it says just wait and see ^,..,^

a lot to think about and that's on the way <3
  • Listening to: mezics
so i was thinking if they allow it at the next place we should paint it me and payton together it sounds like fun too me there's a few places we need to hit in that case like home depot and a few others recommended + they do have home stuff so we will look into that at some point its been alot of fun browse with hunny on what to get for the place we plan to move into witch will be nice as all hell 
can't wait for that day n the cats will have more space to roam it was a great week with hun we went out ate out n enjoyed some relaxation time and yesterday pick up some food from freds witch comes to an interesting subject and to share so there's a deil next too the star bucks right me and hun were thinking on getting an other coffee yesterday and this guy with tattoo's all over on his neck and shit was standing there the guy was checking out payton and shit she told me and the guy looked at me and basically frowned gave me an interesting look n acted like he knew me so i dig deeper i remembered a rumor that happens were too people on Facebook were fighting over facebook  last month idc at the time untell i found out more and who it was they gave names n id rather not go into detail's point is i know who that guy was more so who he was with and i can say some one moment eye 2 eye he didn't seem happy with life more who he was with i mean if you gave my girl the look then yeah actions speak loud all i can really say i feel bad for the guy hope he find something better 
because trust me there is but as i say that not my girl unlike many in this world she is faithful <3 

so yesterday we went the the new froyo place it seemed alright a bit bigger and hun loves her foyo i want to treat her 
i loves her so much and everyday she reminds me i pick someone worth having 
n there's just so much i can do ^,..,^
more movies in the next month baby wants to see and i myself have a few i really want to see
going bowling with friends sometime soon order a pizza and snacks maybe nachos idk it will be fun

ooo get this yesterday people said me and payton are a very cute couple and gramma loves her and payton loves gramma it was great too see gramma again n everything went well 
pancakes were great and hot coco payton copied me lol 
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She is amazing by KurosPassions
She is amazing
god my girl looks so fucking cute she looks great ^,..,^
coffee date by KurosPassions
coffee date
we went to freds and got star bucks and bought a coffes   and later on have dinner plans and more later on tonight going to be fun :D
remember every choice you made can change anything future or past so make ones you know are right and self less -kuropassions
sides stuff Mechanic: ResurrectionKubo and the Two Strings
going to see this one soon and this one later on lol if you guessed it the one on the right is my choice payton looks alright lol
i feel this week will be great and i also feel i want pizza roma soon there food is deli sh <3 so maybe that for dinner then the movies or maybe just that and some ice cream idk we will figure it out 
i am pretty happy tonight it was nice having a meal with hun n shit loved what i made gave her a back rude and watched movies togeather it was a great night and oooooooooooooo my gramma is in town! payton lets to meet her for the frist time so that will be great going to eat at donas for lunch with her i am exsided n i know she will love her <3 
n in october i get my 3 divden checks witch will all plan out thing ferther for us the frist 2 i missed but they said even the mane ones out i get the rest so woot for funds not planned and i have alot in mmind that month also next month there an event me and payton are going too should be fun anyways time for  shower n coffee  to start the day
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cooking dinner for me and hun atm its her favorite food and making the drinks and prepping the movie to watch sometimes i get off work erly so i do this for hun depending on her day too or bad i am always thinking about my france  and i love to see her face when i surprise her in any thing i do for her it always makes me happy to love and fee her iv always been like this i can't think of a time i am not i just love to express my passions and my love for someone its just who i am <3 today was a great day got alot done and planning more stuff ex sided about a few games and more plans/ dates for me and hun maybe i might take her up the tram to eat a nice meal this time we always go somewhere every work day or off day depends really i love part of me remain ones that people tryed to change and reasons why i am loved so much
like how i remember everything my hun likes to eat her favorite shows her life story's and so much more iv learned so much about my hun and once apon a time others i just always have because i care that much
  • Listening to: mezics
lol might see suicide squad again with a buddy sure why not :D

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